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Reviewing Lightweight Hiking Gear

Making your hiking life a lot lighter.

Lightweight shelter

Lightweight Shelter

Lightweight shelter which protects you from the elements of wind, rain, snow and even insects can add to the comfort of your hikes. Reviews are based on other hikers experience.

Lightweight packs, sleeping bags

Essential Equipment

Lightweight equipment such as packs, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, cooking equipment to food all make for ease of hiking.

Navigation Equipment

Safety on the trail means good navigation is necessary. These reviews look at options of mobile phones apps, compass, topographic maps, emergency positioning devices.

What We Do - Who We Help

A little information about us.

We are hiking enthusiasts who love to get out in all terain in all seasons. We  generally hike for several days. It is important to our endurance to have comfortable lightweight gear on our hikes. Out reviews are based on our experince as well as others we meet on and off trails.

Lightweight hiking gear

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Protection of the feet and comfort is one of the foremost item to get right.

Lightweight hike gear

Choosing the right pack.

Packs will depend on how long you are hiking for and one needs to consider their height and strenght. Having a lightweight pack can make a diffence to overall comfort.

Lightweight hiking gear

Hammock v's tents.

Hammocks can be a great solution for sleeping but there are several things to consider before heading out on your trek.